Erik Eggermont (1970) is a professional photographer specialised in urban and architectural photography. 

Born and raised in Antwerp.                                                                              Started in 2007 as an autodidact, in just over two years, he worked  his way up to international exhibitions, with highlights in Berlin, Rotterdam and his  hometown Antwerp.

In 2011 he turned to photojournalism.                                                              With publications in Grandé travel magazine and DM magazine.        In 2013 he travels to the United States  to record “The Mower Gang” in Detroit. That results in a cover story in DM magazine; “Mowing for a better world”. Later that year, the article, “Through Brussels with Brel”, for which he did the photography, won the WTB press award.

In 2014 he said goodbye to photojournalism to rededicate himself to his first love; Urban photography.                                                                    Here he’s able to redefine himself, in these urban landscapes, that because of his way of capturing it, are at war with the obvious.            With technical precision and an intrinsic knowledge of the light, his view of the city is as a solitary poet describing his muse.

 The melancholic beauty of unattainable desire.

From 2017 onwards he went to study at Luca School of Arts in order  to be able to pass on his experience and knowledge as a teacher.

2020 to date he is working as a cultural entrepreneur in the photographic arts. He organises workshops and exhibitions and is affiliated with various art groups and academia.                                       And of course always active as urban photographer, in the city, his natural habitat.